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Aerosol Propellants Safety Manual

HCPA’s “Aerosol Propellants: Considerations for Effective Handling in the Aerosol Plant and Laboratory” (better known as the Aerosol Propellants Safety Manual) is the basic safety manual needed by all aerosol product manufacturers and laboratories. This 2016 4th Edition includes the latest thinking in aerosol propellant safety and includes references and explanations of all the relevant standards that have been created or updated since the Third Edition published in 2010. First published in 1984, the HCPA Aerosol Propellants Safety Manual contains information on propellants shipping, receiving, storage, and handling; compressed and soluble gas propellants; location and construction, ventilation, gas detection, electrical equipment, piping systems, fire prevention and control in propellant charging and pump rooms; disposal of reject aerosol containers; laboratory safety; and safety seminars.

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