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Cleaning Test Method DCC-09 | Glass Cleaners

DCC-09 - Glass Cleaners: This guide is a laboratory test for evaluating cleaning, streaking and smearing characteristics of products, including wipes, intended for use on glass surfaces such as windows and mirrors. Included are two soil formulas, representing interior and exterior window soils. Clean glass plates are soiled then cleaned on a straight-line washability apparatus. Cleaning performance is rated in three areas, cleaning, streaking, and smearing, on a 4-point scale. DCC-09A Standard Guide for Evaluating the Filming and Streaking of Glass Cleaners 2003: This standard guide is being offered as a companion to DCC-09. The two methods are drastically different so both are being offered. DCC-09 is a method for evaluating the cleaning performance of glass cleaners; whereas, DCC-09A is a standard guide for evaluating the filming and streaking of glass cleaners.

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