Cleaning Test Method DCC-13 | Fabric Softeners image

Cleaning Test Method DCC-13 | Fabric Softeners

DCC-13 – Fabric Softeners: This is a collection of methods developed in 1983 to evaluate the performance characteristics of fabric softeners. These cover procedures for treating fabric in the wash, rinse, or dryer cycle in a home laundry and for evaluating the efficacy of the treatment chemicals. The methods can be used for simple screening of fabric softener products or to evaluate the products through multiple accumulative cycles. The evaluation of fabric softeners involves all the following methods in a single purchase: Method D-13A: Fabric Treatment Procedure Method D-13B: Softener Evaluation by Test Panel Scoring Method D-13C: Evaluation of Fabrics for Whiteness Retention Method D-13D: Evaluation of Fabrics for Re-wet or Water Absorbency Method D-13E: Fabric Stripping Method D-13F: Measurement of Static Control

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