Cleaning Test Method DCC-16 | Lime Soap Removal image

Cleaning Test Method DCC-16 | Lime Soap Removal

DCC-16- Guidelines for Evaluating the Efficacy of Bathroom Cleaners- Scrubber Test for Measuring the Removal of Lime Soap:This method allows formulators to more closely simulate, in the laboratory, lime soap soil deposition on ceramic tile. This enhanced laboratory control, in turn, allows evaluation that is more meaningful to real world consumer experience. Suitable evaluation methods might include an evaluation of the percentage of the area cleaned, paired comparisons by trained panelists, or reflectometer measurements. Each evaluation method would, of course, require its own consideration regarding precision and accuracy. Several updates to this method were implemented, most notably were the replacement of the hot plate with an oven in the soil aging step to increase reproducibility, and the option to use the method on white or black tiles.

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