Cleaning Test Method DCC-18 | Method for Neat Hand Dishwashing image

Cleaning Test Method DCC-18 | Method for Neat Hand Dishwashing

DCC-18 | Method for Neat Hand Dish Washing: Dishwashing liquids, liquid household cleaning products used in the manual cleaning of dishes, pots pans, and other such items, are an important product in the household cleaning arsenal. It is important in the development of such products that formulas be evaluated according to performance attributes that are important to the consumers who will use them. One of the important attributes of dishwashing products are their ability to continue foaming during the cleaning process. Consumers generally associate foam with the ability of the product to clean. When the foam from a dose of cleaning product collapses the consumer assumes that the cleaning ability of that dose has been exhausted and the product must be redosed if there are still more items to clean. This method is intended to evaluate the longevity of the foam from a single dose of dishwashing product when used according to a “neat” dishwashing procedure.

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