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Leather Squares

For use in coefficient of friction testing with the James Machine, leather squares are available in one size, 3” by 3” by 1/4th. BOARD COVER (they are willing to cut to 12”X12”) Phipps Reprographics, Inc. 6920 Plainfield Road Cincinnati, OH 45236 513-793-1030 www.phippsrepro.com ALUMINUM PLATE Some customers have moved to a thickness of .375 and I think we should adopt this into the method. At .125 it’s very possible the aluminum can be warped and have a negative impact on testing. This plate can be found at McMaster Carr -https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-aluminum-sheets/=17vo1q1 We purchased Tight-Tolerance 6061 Aluminum with Certification Precision Ground on Top and Bottom, 12" x 12", 3/8" Thick, Part Number: 10100.67353

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