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Prop 65 Webinar Series


Complying With New Warning and Labeling Requirements: Are You Ready? Recorded Webinar from October 2016 This 75-minute webinar offers up-to-the-minute information for product formulators and environmental regulatory specialists from novice to expert: The webinar will provide practical information on complying with new Proposition 65 labeling requirements. California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment finalized new labeling requirements for products sold in California and posting requirements for environmental exposures. Learn about the significant changes to the Clear and Reasonable Warning language including the warning symbol; on product labeling requirements; labeling requirements for inclusion of one or chemicals responsible for the listing; limited sell through period; examples of how a warning for more than one chemical or exposure source can be provided; guidance on providing warnings in alternative languages and more. Be prepared with questions and learn how to comply with the new requirements. Agenda – Complying with New Prop 65 Warning and Labeling Requirements Overview & History of Regulatory Reform Steve Bennett and Kristin Power, CSPA Practical Compliance: Two Years to New Warnings and Labels Peg Carew Toledo, Peg Carew Toledo Law Firm Questions and Answers