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VOC Compliance Webinar Series


Consumer Products VOC Compliance Webinar 2018 Series Package You will receive a zip file in your email confirmation that contains the download link. Inside the download their will be a document that has all VOC Webinar links available to view online. All documents pertaining to information within each webinar is also available inside the download. Series Overview Over the past 25 years, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), 16 additional state agencies, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have developed a complex set of volatile organic compound (VOC) limits and related enforcement provisions affecting consumer and institutional products. Failure to understand these regulations results in millions of dollars in fines each year paid by product manufacturers, and sometimes retailers. To help product manufacturers understand air quality regulations, and to assist retailers in knowing what products they can sell in various states, experts from the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA) developed a three-part webinar series outlining current regulations and explaining how companies can determine whether a product formulation complies with applicable state and federal VOC limits. Part One: Consumer Product VOC Regulations Overview: Will provide a summary of applicable state and federal Clean Air Act regulations affecting consumer products. Part Two: Regulated Consumer Product Categories & Limits: Will provide a summary of key definitions, regulatory limits, exemptions and enforcement provisions in state and federal regulations. Part Three: Determining Formula Compliance: Will provide a summary of how to determine the VOC content of products and how to assess whether products comply with applicable VOC limits.